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Kelvin Led Base F3311009 Table Lamp F3311009 - Glossy White


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Fused aluminum alloy body. Die-cast aluminum outer head, with injection-molded methacrylate diffuser. BASE external cover in ABS. Extruded aluminum alloy square tube (12x12mm) structure, machined mechanically, so that it houses a stainless steel load-compensation spring and injection-molded acetal resin sliding blocks. 3 mm diameter wire outer tie rods. Available in white, anthracite, black or chrome finishes. The ON/OFF switch is electronic with optical mechanism located in the head. Two possibilities to choose: - PERSONAL MODE (orange switch) Dimm the light intensity you like. - GREEN MODE (green switch) Now Kelvin LED becomes Green, saving even more energy thanks to his automatic compensation of the ambience light.

$2,660.00 $4,100.00

Brand: Flos
Brand Origin: Italy
Collection: Kelvin LED
Designer: Antonio Citterio with Toan Nguyen
Design Year: 2009
Colour: Glossy White
Remarks: with light bulb
SKU: 00040480
Dimensions: 581 x 166 x 480 mm