I-RAIN Hélène 37 OLED Pendant Lamp


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Haviland, a French porcelain manufacturer, is reputed around the world for its fine table services in Limoges porcelain. For many years, Haviland has extended in the Art of Living and decoration.
Blackbody: Created in France by engineers and manufacturers, the Blackbody OLED technology has been the signature of light for the biggest architectural projects worldwide, for the past ten years.

A beautiful story begins between two different universes, which combines tradition and innovation, creating a spectacular chandelier unifying their respective talents. The union of Haviland and Blackbody, two French Maisons of exception, is a remarkable collaboration that highlights the “Made in France” element, and the unique savoir-faire of the two brands.

The I-Rain Helene is available in 3 standard versions: Helene Montgolfiere 145, Helene 61 and Helene 37.


Brand: Blackbody
Collection: I-Rain Hélène
Brand Origin: France
Designer: Thierry Gaugin
Design Year: 2020
Finish: White canopy, White cable, Haviland Matignon Gold trumpet
Remarks: Included OLED light source
SKU: 00103407
Dimensions: Ø730 x H850 mm