Cordless LED Table Lamp

Hymn Table Lamp in Black


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Hymn was announced in Milan, Italy in 2019 as a prototype work with the
concept of the primitive light of 'fire', and after a further two years of
development, it was commercialized as a new ambient lighting by
Ambientech in 2021. I did.
Acrylic parts made with a special shape based on the mechanism of the lens
and optics, which was inherited from the time of the prototype. When light is
projected from the bottom, the light emerges at the top tip of the acrylic parts
due to the effect of refraction. The member stands up in a balanced manner
with a delicate arm, creating a delicate and irregularly transforming light
texture that receives invisible forces while being analog, magnetic force.


Brand: Ambientec
Collection: Hymn
Brand Origin: Japan
Designer: Hiroto Yoshizoe
Frame: Black - Crystal Glass
SKU: 00205922
Dimensions: 960w x 690d x 177h mm