Hybrid Sofa

B&B Italia

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Hybrid represents in fact the perfect furnishing element for climates and spaces that are defined by a continuous blend of inside and outside environments, with rooms that open to an en-plein-air dimension, and for living spaces integrated into terraces and gardens. The combination of opposites happens not only visually, but also through the sense of touch. Hybrid guarantees in fact the typical comfort of traditional upholstered furniture for interiors, thanks to a new type of mattress seat conceived for outdoor furnishing. The cushions are actually made with paddings with different densities, carefully designed to pleasantly accommodate the body and support it at the same time, without sinking. The supporting structures are almost invisible, and the seat seems to float a few centimeters above the floor. The solid base is formed by a frame in extruded aluminum painted in he colours sage, clay and anthracite, and is completed by a platform with fiberglass slats. The backrest conceals an aluminum structure, covered with soft polyurethane, which is in turn covered with a padded sheath, completed with a cover in waterproof fabric. The platform is available in eight sizes and two depths, while the armrest and backrest come in two heights. To guarantee further comfort to the deeper seat, the low backrest can be raised with an additional headrest cushion. Additional cushions in various sizes enrich the range, offering countless design and chromatic solutions. The Hybrid collection also includes a series of new outdoor fabrics made with mélange polypropylene yarn in five colour variants that are accented by refined trims. Choices that confirm a decisive and elegant presence for interiors and outdoor spaces.


Brand: B&B Italia
Collection: Hybrid
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Antonio Citterio
Design Year: 2020
Frame: Sage Painted 0427S
Fabric: Saturno 2601403
Cushion: Saturno 2601403
SKU: 00093917,00093920,00093922#4,00093924,00093925,00093927#2,00093928
Dimensions: 3340 x 1440 x 680 mm