Husk LH180 Bed in Bormio 251 Fabric

Husk LH180 Bed in Bormio 251 Fabric

B&B Italia

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Research into softness and comfort is the same base that produced the famous chair that originated this series. Soft and geometric, simple and complex, but above all - cosy and welcoming: a headboard with strong personality, in a single size, that plays on the visual effects of the stitching and accommodates the box springs.


Brand: B&B Italia
Collection: Husk
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Patricia Urquiola
Design Year: 2013
Frame: Black Painted 0150L

Fabric: Bormio 2551251

SKU: P0000484
00200142#1, 00019542#1
Dimensions: 2300w x 2330d x 1070h mm