Hiroshima - 2986-62- Armchair High (cushioned)

Hiroshima - 2986-62- Armchair High (cushioned)


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This Hiroshima armchair, designed by Naoto Fukasawa in 2008, is defined by its gentle curves and subtle structure that combines the robustness with the use of natural wood. Reflecting the Japanese aesthetic and skilled craftsmanship as applied to wood, the smooth curve of its back along the arm accentuates the beauty of the light shining on its surface. The roomy seat can be used as a dining chair and a lounge chair.


Brand: Maruni
Brand Origin: Japan
Collection: Hiroshima
Designer: Naoto Fukasawa
Frame: Walnut, Urethane Finish, Clear (C-0)
Seat Cushion: Frank Garnet #4239
Remarks: Lead time 11-13 weeks
SKU: 00160613
Dimensions: 560 x 530 x 455 (790) mm