Suspension Lamp

Heracleum Endless 8718282296159 (8718282360485) Suspension Lamp Copper with Transparent with tinned cores


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A perpetual blossom of new branches that multiplies by the meter, Heracleum Endless by Bertjan Pot may really grow out of reach! There is hardly a limit to what Heracleum can now achieve by developing in straight lines, generating corners and forming square geometric shapes. Given the seed of a good idea, it may grow into any kind of environment, meter by meter. Let there be no end to the bloom of Heracleum Endless!


Brand: Moooi
Brand Origin: Netherlands
Collection: Heracleum Endless
Designer: Bertjan Pot
Design Year: 2014
Colour:?Copper with Transparent with tinned cores

Remarks: Intergrated light source
SKU: 00085707
Dimensions: 1160 x 570 x 370 mm