Heart Vase (Mini)

Heart Vase (Mini)

Wiener Silber Manufactur GMBH

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Humility before creation and a special sensitivity to the aesthetics of natural products guide Ted Muehling in the choice and design of his objects.
The theme with variations is given by plants with long, soft leaves that descend into an elegant lace dance. A leaf forms a slim vessel that serves as a vase.
The leaves were driven out of one piece. The traces of the hammer blow correspond to Ted Muehling's attitude, which also wants to emphasize the living, grown, unique of the object in the handcrafted object.


Brand: Wiener Silber Manufactur GMBH
Brand Origin: Austria
Designer: Ted Muehling
Design Year: 2014
Colour: Silver
SKU: 00017759
Dimensions: H 153 mm

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