GT4 Pendant Lamp in beige parchment lampshade

Santa & Cole

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Originally designed in 1983 for Bar Sísísí, a famous Barcelona night bar in the 80s. At a time when international trends prevailed with lamps containing tubular metal structures and halogen bulbs, Gabriel Ordeig Cole (co-founder of Santa & Cole) sought to create a warmer alternative with the use of stitched cardboard. The aesthetics put forth challenged the dominant fashion at the time, as it supported a warmer modernity that valued craftsmanship.

The GT4 Pendant Lamp is made of stitched cardboard shaped into a large cone. It can be used in a sequence for large spaces requiring warm and ambient lighting. The GT4 family includes the table lamps Básica and Básica Mínima.

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Brand: Santa & Cole
Brand Origin: Spain
Collection: GT4
Designer: Gabriel Ordeig Cole
Design Year: 1983
Colour: White, lampshade in stitched beige parchment
Remarks:LED bulb 13,5 W - 2.700 K
SKU: P0000039
Dimensions: 400 x 800 mm