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Butterflies in flight. The design image was that of a chair that would 'welcome' gracefully - with the graceful movement of a butterfly - which in Latin is called a 'papilio'. Grande Papilio was designed with fluidity around an upside-down truncated cone. The ample space of its large upper back and the curved shape of its cosy seat are a clear signs of a desire to offer maximum comfort to anyone who wants to sit it this chair. This is a truly iconic product, even though its aesthetics were not a high priority according to the designer. Fukasawa, who puts people's behaviour before an interest for shape, said: “I wanted the chair to look naturally comfortable, to have the same shape that relaxation would have if it were represented by an image.' The wings that extend at the sides of the chair emphasise the sensation of comfort: in the chair and the small armchair, they help support the hips and the back; in the Grande Papilio chair and the Love Papilio sofa, they cushion the head to offer isolation and tranquillity. The same spirit of simplicity, immediacy and comfort have guided the functional development of the entire Papilio series: the Grande Papilio and Piccola Papilio armchairs, the chairs Papilio and Mini Papilio, the Love Papilio sofa and the Papilio bed.


Brand: B&B Italia
Collection: Grande Papilio
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Naoto Fukasawa
Design Year: 2009
Frame: Metal Grey Colour Painted 0188V

Leather: Gamma 331

SKU: 00200342
Dimensions: 830w x 870d x 1020h mm