Ghostwriter Desk


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GHOSTWRITER plays at hiding in the living area, with its discreet and elegant monolithic volume made of polished lacquered wood; when open it loves to surprise you by revealing a multi-purpose space for the home office, enhanced by the warm tones of Eucalyptus wood in material contrast with the outside finish. With a single touch, the Dual-Flap® system opens the large front flap turning it into a handy writing table. At the same time one part of the top can be lifted for easy access to the inside section of the cabinet, which includes paper racks and a small drawer for pens. The set-up is completed by handy power outlets (two USB and two Shuko), which are hidden at the bottom 
of the inside compartment, plus a touch lighting strip which is perfectly integrated within the table top; when the cabinet is opened it adjusts 
to the correct lighting angle for the workstation.


Brand: Acerbis
Collection: Ghostwriter
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Giacomo Moor
Design Year: 2017
Frame: LL13 pietra grey glossy and ES 48 casing eucalyptus
SKU: 00031320
Dimensions: 1540 x 500 x 230 mm