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Formiche FR140_2 Small Table Top Calacatta White Porcelain Stoneware 0301B, Frame Pewter Painted 0259V

B&B Italia

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Lightness and simplicity distinguish Formiche (Ants in English) complements. The slender support FRAME (making reference to the name), with its shape and finish, picks up the theme of the feet in the sofa system. The rounded support of pewter painted steel is connected by crosspiece to support the tops in different shapes, round, oval, or “kidney bean.” Various shapes and heights make it possible to compose different support systems. The tops themselves, made of transparent extra light glass, brushed light oak, titanium finish metal, or porcelain stoneware, Calacatta white or stone grey stone, have a fine thickness of 8 mm.


Brand: B&B Italia
Collection: Formiche
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Piero Lissoni
Design Year: 2017
Frame: Pewter Painted 0259V

Top: Calacatta White Porcelain Stoneware 0301B

SKU: 00032981
Dimensions: 1400w x 630d x 325h mm

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