Flora Medium Pendant Lamp in Pewter


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In a land kissed by the sun, nature, colours and artisan expertise bring life to highly expressive pieces dense with archetypes, including Flora, the collection inspired by the Monstera Deliciosa plant. Sixty petals surround a satin sphere illuminated from its core. The lamp is available both as a suspension version, as well as a ground version resting on thin legs that resemble a flower’s pistils. The petals’ shiny finish, to which we have added gun-metal grey, is achieved through an innovative aluminum vapourization system that creates an evocative play on light, seemingly stolen from the sun at its zenith.

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Brand: Slamp
Brand Origin: Italy
Collection: Flora Medium
Designer: Zanini De Zanine
Colour: Grey
Remarks:Without light source
E27: 3 X 12W LED Filament
SKU: 00032333
Dimensions: 440 x 500 mm