Energy Turmeric Power, 14/tube

Energy Turmeric Power, 14/tube


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What’s in this blend?
An uplifting blend of black tea with herbs and spices that are traditionally used for reducing inflammation, improving circulation and giving you an energy boost.

The wisdom behind this beverage:
○ Lifts and energises the body: Black tea, Turmeric
○ Highly antioxidant: Apple pomace, Cocoa, Cinnamon
○ Improves blood circulation: Cocoa, Cinnamon, Liquorice
○ Reduces inflammation: Turmeric, Black pepper

What do I expect from this beverage?
Strong and energising with a sweet note of cinnamon. You will feel alert, focused, energised and warming.

Ingredients list

Brand: Lify
Collection: Herbal Wellness Series
Brand Origin: Hong Kong
SKU: 00094111