Distance Candle Holder by Alfred Lam

Design Trust: Critically Homemade

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This is a prototype, please message us for more details.

Light in weight, smooth in texture and bold in form, the ‘Distance Candle Holder’ features a set of two hexagonal ceramic bases, divided with a translucent onyx separator, the illuminated veins in the material rendering each candle holder unique. 

Alfred Lam’s prototype echoes the social conditions normalised by COVID-19, representing the ‘social distancing’ that many are experiencing, but in particular emphasises the emotions evoked by these experiences. The flicker of the candlelight on the translucent divider resembles hope, energy and glow, a touch of poetic feeling to soften the hostility in our way of life today. The Distance Candle Holder is a reminder that everyone should cherish their loved ones.


Image credit: Alfred Lam, Studio 1618
Website: Studio 1618