Storage Unit

Dado CD52B Storage Unit in Lower Drawer Satin Coffee 3750E and Upper Drawer Satin Desert 4516E


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A large family of storage units enhanced by chromatic variations and plays of bright and matt finishes, while maintaining the formal rigour of the design. They are customised by an important detail: the greater depth of the tops and sides, as compared to the drawers, that contribute a sense of depth to the front. Chest of drawers that develop vertically or horizontally are placed beside elements that are less deep, with fronts that alternate empty portions and drawers, designed for use at the bedside.


Brand: B&B Italia
Collection: Dado
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Studio Kairos
Design Year: 2007
Frame: Satin Coffee 3750E

SKU: 00168349
Dimensions: 515w x 550d x 450h mm