Cylinda Table Lamp in Satin Gold

Cylinda Table Lamp in Satin Gold


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Angeletti & Ruzza designed Cylinda, a table lamp formed from two cylinders of different dimensions and thicknesses. The first, which is slimmer and taller, becomes the base supporting the second unit, a large, slender disc that forms the light-shade, with an LED light source shining beneath it. In the words of the designers, the essential forms of this design aim: “To eliminate, not to add anything that is not absolutely necessary: this was the mantra guiding the design of the lamp; with its quiet presence, it succeeds in creating a positive atmosphere that can transform everyday routine into everyday poetics.”

Cylinda captures the attention with its strong, poetic presence, maintaining a minimalist sophistication with its clean outlines and use of geometric shapes, fully reflecting the Oluce DNA.

In the monochrome anthracite version, Cylinda confirms its refined quality, highlighting the elegance of the lines, while in the two-colour version, a brushed gold disc is supported on the anthracite base, a decorative touch that succeeds in discreetly embellishing the object.


Brand: Oluce
Collection: Cylinda
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Mariana Pellegrino Soto
Design Year: 2017
Frame: Matt Black
Top: Satin Gold
Finish: Cylinda Table Lamp_P01
SKU: 00179072
Dimensions: 290w x 290d x 300h mm