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Copycat F1952015 Table Lamp F1952015 - Copper


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Both daring and provocative, Copycat is a table and bedside lamp consisting of two touching spheres and sitting comfortably on table tops as a decorative piece of illumination. A smaller, solid aluminium sphere gold-coated with 24K gold lives in the shadow of the larger hand-blown glass that omits a soft diffused light. As designer Michael Anastassiades puts it, the small and precious sphere is aspiring to be something greater but is perfectly compatible in balance and structure at the same time.

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Brand: Flos
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Michael Anastassiades
Design Year: 2015
Finish: Copper
Remarks: 100-240V
SKU: 00038632
Dimensions: 300 x 98 x 298.5 mm