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Colosseo TCL40 Small Table Frame Glossy Smoke Blue 6020L

B&B Italia

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Colosseo fits smoothly into the highly successful product category of accessories, furnishing elements that change function according to occasion and need, and for Colosseo this means transforming from coffee table to pouf. When designing this new product, Fukasawa arrived at the shape he was searching for by considering a solid in the form of an upside-down truncated cone, lightened by arch-shaped grooves that define the surface, creating an assoce with the structure of the famous Roman arena it is named after. Made of hard polyurethane painted in sixteen glossy colours, Colosseo is available in two sizes: 40 cm diameter x 45 cm height and 45 cm diameter x 49 cm height.

$5,550.00 $11,100.00

Brand: B&B Italia
Collection: Colosseo
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Naoto Fukasawa
Design Year: 2018
Frame: Glossy Smoke Blue 6020L

SKU: 00104228
Dimensions: 400w x 400d x 450h mm

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