COLMIALuxury Dumbbells Set
COLMIA Ultra Light Dumbell Set

COLMIALuxury Dumbbells Set


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A manually crafted set made of the highest quality materials.
In the production, natural wood such as American walnut is used along with the highest grade stainless steel.
A stable construction, strong attention to detail and the heart poured into the hand-work made COLMIA™ dumbbells delightfully presentable. COLMIA™is perfect, as a part of a modern home or a hotel gym.
Dumbbells are available in sets (horizontal or vertical) and as individual pairs (with or without a wooden stand).
American oiled walnut wood provides a good grip and gives pleasure to touch. This type of wood exhibits antibacterial properties and, in combination with stainless steel creates a harmonious system of health and nature.
This is very important when using these luxurious accessories in special conditions. COLMIA™ is dedicated for the private use as well as for personal trainers and gyms.

A set consisting of a horizontal stand and dumbbells weighing:​
2 kg x 2 | 4 kg x 2 | 6 kg x 1

$45,000.00 $50,000.00

Brand: Pent
Brand Origin: Poland
SKU: 00189323