Cilindro D_CD1 Ottoman with brass base and Mohair dark green 400 fabric


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When your eye catches the Cilindro ottoman for the very first time it looks remarkably familiar. The reason is simple: Luigi Caccia Dominioni’s acclaimed, classic design was popularised throughout the 60s and 70s.This perfectly-proportioned masterpiece of elegance is the quintessence of form and style. In the shape of a two-tier cylinder, the lower part is made of brass topped with a velvet, woollen cloth or leather seat top. Cilindro and its many reworking can be spotted on the set of legendary films, in chic apartments and the smartest nightclubs, bars and restaurants the world over. Cilindro is much more than a design object - its minimalist lines make it a punctuation mark in any setting, large or small.



Brand: Azucena
Collection: Cilindro
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Luigi Caccia Dominioni
Design Year: 1963
Frame: Brass 0580T

Fabric: Mohair dark green 400

SKU: 00071015
Dimensions: 380w x 380d x 440h mm