Chiara Table Lamp In Pink Gold & Oxide Red Edge


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Table lamp composed of a reflecting body in aluminium in 3 colour variations, finished internally with an opaque white plastic film and folded and closed via hooks riveted to the sheet metal. A coloured seal in moulded tpu runs along the entire profile of the body. The internal base in extruded aluminium is attached to the body for stability and it also supports the bulb socket. The power cable has a dimmer switch to adjust the brightness. Usable cable length: 1.9 m


Brand: Flos
Collection: Chiara Table Lamp
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Mario Bellini
Design Year: 2020
Frame: Pink Gold & Oxide Red Edge
SKU: P0000213
00170088#1, 00097065#1
Dimensions: D280 x 410h mm