Champagne Tumbler, Fashion Glencheck


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The Sip of Gold champagne goblets from Sieger by Fürstenberg is a combination of wafer-thin porcelain and the finest precious metal. With a wall thickness of only about two millimetres, these delicate vessels are light and elegant to hold. With 24 carat gold plating on the inside, when the tumblers are filled with a drink, hundreds of reflections sparkle and create the beguiling impression of liquid gold. The Fashion collection, comprising Vichy, Pepita, Glencheck and Herringbone, is a homage to fashion classics with gleaming precious metals and contrast-rich black-and-white patterns, exuding a touch of extravagance and glamour.


Brand: Fuerstenberg
Collection: Sip Of Gold
Brand Origin: Germany
SKU: 00102815
Dimensions: H74 x Ø89 mm