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Fiandre’s Maximum ceramic tiles offer decorative solutions with full-body effects, enriched by inimitable colour variations and distinctive veining effects comparable to the most exquisite quarry marbles. Maximum slabs are characterised by its outstanding format of 300x150cm and a minimum thickness of 6mm with smooth finish, combining maximum design freedom with great flexibility. Thanks to its lightweight, easy installation and maintenance, Maximum is indicated for covering walls and floors in both indoor and outdoor settings. Calacatta Maximum exudes an inimitable classical taste defined by unrepeatable degrees of colour intensity and veins, giving the surfaces even more authentic and precious allure.

The new technology Active is able to eco-activate large-sized Maximum slabs using the digital application to improve the photocatalytic performance of ceramic slabs, ensuring greater efficiency in the degradation of air pollutants, odours, self-cleaning, antiviral and antibacterial action with ISO certifications. Recent proven research has also shown Active Surfaces with ability to eliminate 94% of COVID-19 virus, making them a high-performing, functional ceramic surface even more effective in situations with particularly high requirements in terms of health and hygiene.

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$790.00 /SQM

Brand: Fiandre
Collection: Marble
Brand Origin: Italy
SKU: 00172073
Dimensions: 600 x 600mm