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Calabash P1 14017008 Pendant Lamp Black chrome


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When designing the Calabash? pendants, the Komplot designers were inspired by the simple and harmonious form of the calabash pumpkin. Calabash? is authentic craftsmanship from the core to the surface. The organic design idiom and the specially chromed and slightly changeable surface provides Calabash? with a unique expression. The shade is made of drawn aluminium and finished with a chromed layer that reflects the surroundings and unites the space. Calabash?, which is fitted with a reflector to increase the down light, emits a warm, dazzle-free illumination. The pendant generates a warm atmosphere and looks excellent in small groups.

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Brand: Lightyears
Brand Origin: Denmark
Designer: Komplot Design
Finish: Black chrome
SKU: 00033021
Dimensions: 158 x 210 mm