BYSTRA Press Bench Rack
BYSTRA Press Bench Rack

BYSTRA Press Bench Rack


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A handmade weight set, with a bar made of the finest materials.
Made of American Walnut wood or Ash wood, which provides a good grip, is a pleasure to touch and also exhibits antibacterial properties.

Combined with solid Stainless Steel, the clean stylish form of the wooden stands perfectly matches the stainless steel weights. This bench press set is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and creates a harmonious feel in your exercise space.

There are 2 options:

BYSTRA Basic: Bench Press Rack only. Does not come with bar and weights. Complements the LESNA set and BANKA Advance.
BYSTRA Set: Includes Bench Press Rack, a bar which weighs 6kg and a set of weights include 2 x 4kg, 2 x 8kg and 2 x 12kg, with a total maximum weight of 70kg. Complements the BANKA Advance


Brand: Pent
Collection: Bystra
Brand Origin: Poland
SKU: 00213174