BetteForm 3620-WOHH


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This BetteForm is a fitted bath in the classic rectangular shape measuring 1600mm in length with an ergonomic sloping back with anti slip and anti-noise elements. Fashioned from 2.4mm thick sturdy titanium finished steel and refined with a unique BETTEGLAZE enamel finish, it is built to last and create an ever-lasting shiny surface. For an added functional touch, it is a good conductor to heat and highly resists fluids and scouring agents to retain a non-fading colour efficiently.

$1,620.00 $8,100.00

Brand: Bette
Brand Origin: Germany
Collection: BetteForm
Colour: White
Remarks: Product picture shown as reference only.
SKU: 00002875
Dimensions: 1600 x 750 x 420 mm

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