Bend B177LD + B214TS Sofa in Edit 253

B&B Italia

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It conveys the impression of having been moulded by an artist but actually derives from a study of 3D models and digital research. It seems a monolith that has been shaped by subtraction, rounded and moulded by the designer. The irregular shape enhances comfort, the contrasting seams define the design and movement. Bend Sofa combines manual skills and technology, solidity and strength, along with considerable flexibility in terms of use ensured by the extensive range of models.The distinctive originality of Bend-Sofa is combined with a detailed compositional study. The corrugated modules whose assembly starts with the seating, ottoman and corner elements allow a broad range of possible solutions - from linear versions in compact sizes for use in areas with limited space, to layouts that are complex and far-ranging.


Brand: B&B Italia
Collection: Bend
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Patricia Urquiola
Design Year: 2010
Frame: Black Colour 0154N

Fabric: Edit 253

SKU: P0000290
00194937#1, 00194938#1, 00194939#1, 00194940#2, 00194942#1
Dimensions: 3250w x 1775d x 650h mm