Balancing – Letter Opener


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The Balancing letter opener is a sophisticated object that recalls the ritual of sending and receiving letters in another era. Composed of a cylindrical marble sheath and a burnished brass blade that slips neatly inside, this refined object is an elegant addition to any desk.

‘Balancing’ is a series of distinctive and contemporary statement objects for the desk, transforming an everyday workspace into a stylish and inspiring environment. The starting point, which gave its name to the collection, is the pen holder which oscillates gently whilst maintaining its balance.
This concept of dynamic balance was then applied and reinterpreted in different keys throughout the collection of 9 pieces, which includes a tablet holder, letter opener, document holder and paperweight.

The collection combines burnished brass with Calacatta Vagli, a milky white marble accented with beautiful swathes of pale gold and grey veining.


Brand: Salvatori
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: Studiocharlie
Finish: Bianco Carrara & Burnished Brass
Remarks: only 1 stock on hand and would be displayed at CL
SKU: 00104338
Dimensions: D220 x W50 x H50 mm

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