Outdoor Little Rectangular Handbag

Bags AC403E Outdoor Little Rectangular Handbag Color Rope Corda 10 T9189

Paola Lenti

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Series consisting of hand bags and shopping bags. The handbags are made by sewing and modeling a rope in plain or two-colored Rope yarn, the shopping bags are produced in Light fabric.
Composition: 100% polyester

Completely permeable to air and water, this spaced fabric allows for comfort and short drying times.
Light is an exclusive Paola Lenti fabric.

The color samples are from

be considered purely indicative, as it is not possible to guarantee one

video playback that is completely faithful to the original, and not

replace the use of real samples in case of order. The quality of the color depends

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Brand: Paola Lenti
Collection: Bags
Brand Origin: Italy
Designer: CRS Paola Lenti.
SKU: 00092349
Dimensions: L320 x W130 x H200 mm