Babel Table Lamp in White Alabaster

Santa & Cole

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In the midst of the Spanish transition to democracy, a fresh, provocative group of artists and architects began to sow the seeds of what would later become a multicolour explosion of modern night bars, very popular in the early 1980s, contrasting with Barcelona’s grey, mundane paronama at the time. Àngel Jové was one of those urban conspirators.The lamp refers to the biblical story of the unfinished Tower of Babel, where humans were divided into linguistic groups, victims of their ambition. The Babel lamp, however, offers a different perspective; its robust tower is perfectly finished and shines with convening power. To use alabaster, solid or hollow, was considered an affront to predominant trends at the time. Alabaster was viewed as kitsch, without the constructive strength of marble, or the noble, translucent quality of onyx; it was scantly used by the souvenir industry for tourists.


Brand: Santa & Cole
Brand Origin: Spain
Collection: Babel
Designer: Àngel Jové
Design Year: 1971
Colour: White Alabaster
Remarks: E27 Led 1x10W Max
SKU: 00049624
Dimensions: 300 x 405 mm