Aquasteam   HACMAS0008

Aquasteam HACMAS0008


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The Aquasteam Smart 45 is a contemporary take on the Turkish bath that creates a personalised oasis of well-being in the bathroom. The steam generator is intuitive to use with its curved glass panel with digital controls that blends in harmoniously with any type of covering and space. Combining the properties of steam and refreshing water, it features a spring and a bowl that mimics the effect of water seemingly gushing out of a natural spring in the wall, delivering an all-round sensory experience reminiscent of traditional hammam.


Brand: Effegibi
Brand Origin: Italy
Collection: Aquasteam
Colour: white
Remarks: To be installed with counterbox
SKU: 00005337
Dimensions: 250 x 37 x 570

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