Aquario AQUCBEVEMODA cabinet in natural ash and green glass

BD Barcelona

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Inspired by the idea of an aquarium, the Campana brothers chose the coloured glass to give the impression of a fish tank. Built from either ash or pine wood with irregularly shaped holes cut into its surfaces, these openings are sealed by sections of the green glass, allowing views through the furniture piece. The lightness of the glass and the massiveness of the wood create a hybrid, a warm and a cold one, that has become part of the design language." Transparent shelves are installed behind the four square cabinet doors to help allow light through.


Brand: BD Barcelona
Brand Origin: Spain
Collection: Aquário Cabinet
Designer: Fernando y Humberto Campana
Design Year: 2016
Legs: Solid Natural Ash
Exterior Panels And Doors: Natural Ash And Green Glass
Remarks: Display
SKU: 00085359
Dimensions: 1820 x 480 x 760 mm