Suspension Lamp

Accordeon Suspension ACRSM00WHT01T0030KEU (ACR97SOS3002PW000) Suspension Lamp Prisma white


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Marc Sadler explores the infinite possibilities of Slamp’s technopolymers with Accordèon, conjuring the image of a textile pliss- or an accordion’s bellows. The collection is a sure marker of the new contemporary narrative that sees design, fashion, artisan technique and technology in permanent interaction. Marc Sadler is an Austrian-born designer who is known for his experimentation with plastics and his award-winning lighting designs, including the Mite lamp, which is part of the Beaubourg's permanent collection in Paris. For the Accordèon LED Suspension Lamp he worked with Slamp, a modern company that has worked with designers and architects such as Zaha Hadid and Robert Wilson.

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Brand: Slamp
Brand Origin: Italy
Collection: Accordèon
Designer: Marc Sadler
Colour: White

Remarks:LED 51W - 100~240V 3000k Dimmable
SKU: 00092183
Dimensions: 570 x 200 mm