ABCD D_AB1 Armchair Frame Walnut Stained Wood 0367N, Fabric Mohair 400


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Designed by Luigi Caccia Dominioni, this ABCD traditional reading armchair in 400 Mohair fabric has been updated to meet the needs of contemporary living. Thanks to two small wheels in the front legs, it is easy to move yet retains its stability. The back legs differ in shape to the front ones in a playful nod to the chair's square, octagonal and circular forms. The upholstery studs play a technical and decorative role - invisible from the front but offering a contrasting outline when seen from the side.

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Brand: Azucena
Brand Origin: Italy
Collection: ABCD
Designer: Luigi Caccia Dominioni
Design Year: 1960
Frame: Stained Walnut
Fabric: 400 Mohair In Green
Model Number: D_AB1
Dimensions: 800 x 860 x 450 (1000) mm