ABCD Armchair in 400 Mohair Fabric


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ABCD is at once classic and timeless - memorable for its fine details. It is easy to move thanks to two small wheels yet retains its stability. The back legs differ in shape to the front ones in a playful nod to the chair's square, octagonal and circular forms that are not apparent at first glance. The upholstery studs play a technical and decorative role - invisible from the front but offering a contrasting outline when seen from the side. A nod at Pop Art that Roy Lichtenstein would have approved of.

$41,175.00 $54,900.00

Brand: Azucena
Brand Origin: Italy
Collection: ABCD
Designer: Luigi Caccia Dominioni
Design Year: 1960
Frame: Stained Walnut
Fabric: 400 Mohair In Green
Model Number: D_AB1
Dimensions: 800 x 860 x 450 (1000) mm

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