Aair Purifier in Stark White
"aair" Air Purifier

Aair Purifier in Stark White


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Designed for big rooms of 750sqf or above, the Aair air purifier combines state-of-the-art technology and smart learning software that can effectively eliminate more than 99.7% of indoor air pollutants. It has also been shown to remove 94% of COVID-19 from the air in a room and 99.95% of other viruses, bacteria, and many more airborne pollutants. Its vertical intake and outflow design is the most effective way to purify indoor air. It also cleans air more efficiently and effectively over time with its optimised Clean Air Delivery Rate that is three times faster than comparable air purifiers.


Brand: Aeris
Brand Origin: Switzerland
Design Year: 2014
Colour: White
SKU: 00092791